3D-Scanned, Photo-Realistic Forest Landscape Asset Pack

The STF-Realistic Forest Pack is our newest collection of assets, designed to provide you with the means of creating vivid, photo-realistic and high-quality forest scenarios on UE4.




Once again, we went out into the countryside with our equipment to 3D-scan a lot of items, this time hunting for small and large broadleaf trees, rocks and boulders (overgrown with moss), a twelve-layer-landscape material with additional foliage spawning abilities, wind shaders for grass and tree meshes, ferns, ground-cover plants, bushes, rocks, tree trunks, 9 ambient sounds, and four highly detailed, tessellated spline meshes for various paths and a forest road.




In order to make sure that the content is performing as well as you expect it from our products, we properly retopologized all objects and created LODs for those with higher polygon counts, so that performance is reasonable on average quality contemporary video cards.




Triangle Counts:




Rocks: 784-2048 triangles


Trees: 962-13401 triangles


Grass Meshes: 32-58 triangles


Trunks: 1681-5191 triangles






Texture Sizes:


Between 128×512 for small foliage items and 4096×4096 for most of the larger objects (boulders, trees, trunks etc.)


Number of Materials and Instances:


35 Materials, 39 Material Instances, 8 Material Functions


1 Landscape Material with 12 Layers, automatic foliage spawning.


Number of Textures: 141


Ambient Sounds / Cues: 9


Grass Types: 8


Foliage Types: 23


Blueprints: 1


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