Agents Characters Pack


Package contains three unique characters, fourth is added as a bonus. These are skinned, game ready characters, retargeted to Epic humanoid rig. You can use them as agents , bodyguards, policemans, mafiosos etc. Each character have 2k diffuse, normal, roughness, specular maps connected to fully customizable material, that lets you change the look of characters to your needs. It is perfect for any type of game and for prototyping games. Polycount for characters is: 7970, 8508, 9043 and 7792 triangles.

Technical Details

Number of characters – 4 characters

Triangle counts of characters:
1. 7970
2. 8508
3. 9043
4. 7792

Texture Resolutions:
First three characters have unique 2k textures, fourth one uses materials from first and a second character :
– T_Bodyguard_01_D.tga – diffuse map;
– T_Bodyguard_01_M.tga – roughess, specular, ao masks;
– T_Bodyguard_01_M2.tga – Customization and skin mask
– T_Bodyguard_01_N.tga – Normal Map


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