ArtDev DarkVoid Exploration Unit Sarge For G3 Male


Sarge. That’s the only name we ever had for him. No one knew (or confessed to know) his true name. He wasn’t one of those muscle heads or the loud and brash recruits. He was actually quite deliberate and soft spoken. Not that he couldn’t get angry and chew you out, mind you. He could apply a fantastic attitude adjustment just by lowering his voice, rather than shouting loud enough to wake the dead.

And it made sense after a while. You don’t go yelling your head off in the dark of critter territory. It didn’t dawn on me until one of the guys, one of the loud ones was bragging and braying like the ass he was, suddenly was yanked upwards and vanished. One of those flying nightmares just swooped down and grabbed him and he was just GONE.

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Product includes:

Sarge Character for G3 Male
Face and Body Morph
Scarred and Unscarred face textures

Download File: ArtDev DarkVoid Exploration Unit Sarge For G3 Male

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