Bimbofication For G3F-G8F

Application Compatibility: Daz Studio 4.9+

Figure Compatibility: Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 8 Female


Bimbofication¬†is a set of morphs for “Genesis 3 Female” and “Genesis 8 Female” and their compatible female figures, which simulate the most common plastic surgeries, injections, implants, facelifts and body modifications for the female¬†“BIMBO”¬†transformation.
You can individually tweak every morph in order to obtain your favorite body and face shape style!
In this set is also included 2 base material for IRAY, a set of fake contact lenses color for the eyes, 4 type of makeups, a fake eyelashes material, and various color for the nails.
A bunch of shape preset is also included.
– Bimbofication Breasts
– Bimbofication Buttocks
– Bimbofication Cheekbones
– Bimbofication Chin
– Bimbofication Eyebrows
– Bimbofication Eyelashes
– Bimbofication Lips
– Bimbofication Nails
– Bimbofication Nose
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