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Ceramics for Iray

Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.15


Need to refinish the bathroom sink or add a pop of color to a room with a brightly colored coffee mug? This set will do that and more. 239 shader presets and 12 additional surface effects

High shine ceramic glaze in 45 colors: Suitable for modern vases, mugs, plates and other china. Also ideal for updating bathroom sinks, toilets and tubs. Can be substituted for high shine enamel paints as well.

High Shine crackle ceramics glaze 44 colors: Suitable for many of the same uses as the solid high shine ceramic glaze but will add an “aged” crackle effect. Spans the same colors as the high shine ceramic with the exclusion of black.

Satin ceramic glaze in 45 colors: Suitable for many household items where a higher shine finish is not wanted. Can be used as a substitute for a semi gloss paint.

Matte ceramic glaze in 45 colors: Suitable for ceramic items that would not have any gloss but would have color. Potential uses include older sinks and tubs or dull pottery.

Metallic lusters: Suited for trim on china and antique mock “silver” or “copper” ware.

Raku: 14 high shine raku’s and 14 more traditionally finished raku style finishes for a unique look on pottery and china. Can be substituted for some metals when you want an nontraditional finish on them.

Unglazed Clay: 6 colors of damp clay and 14 fired but unglazed clays that can be used on a wide variety of pots and sculptures.

There is also 12 presets to add additional surface texture via normal maps.

What’s Included and Features

  • Ceramics for Iray:
    • 45 High Shine Ceramic Glazes
    • 45 Satin Ceramic Glazes
    • 45 Matte Ceramic Glazes
    • 44 High Shine Crackle Glazes
    • 12 Metallic Lusters
    • 14 High Shine Raku Glazes
    • 14 Low Shine Raku Glazes
    • 6 Damp Clay
    • 14 Unglazed Clay
    • 12 Presets to add more texturing to the surfaces
  • 37 Maps (up to 2048 x 20408)
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