Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

File Types: (not specified)

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

Detailed outfit with Biker Style (Jacket, Pants, Gloves, Shoes) & weapons belt (more like Action style, or comics super hero)
Comes full with all the smaller details (zipper sliders, belt buckles…etc). This item depends alot on (Rigid follow nodes, & Rigidity maps, & well tuned Bones Weight-maps)
to make all those metalic pieces bend very well & don’t distort or squish (pose your character & watch the buckles & zipper sliders preserve their solid shape 😉 )

This outfit is specially created for Chameleon ROse character shape of Genesis Female, but it can work for all other Genesis characters through Daz Studio’s auto-follow
For the `weapons belt`: due to its own shape & how it looks, it may poke-through in extreme bends (example: Thighs{bend more than -70 degrees, or Twist more than 30 degrees})
That’s very normal cause in reality you can’t find someone wearing a belt full of weapons & posing in a difficult Yoga pose.
In some extreme poses you may find the buckles or weapons covers shifting from their default position (this is a technical limitation of the Rigid-Follow Nodes of Daz Studio)
You will enjoy very sweet natural look for the metalic pieces while bending your character, but take care that it won’t always look great specially with tough poses.

Included in this package:

* Jacket (with 7 morphs to fix sompe possible poke-through-if any-
2 morphs to bend Jacket L/R works ONLY when (Fully Opened shape preset) is ON,, find them under Actor/Shapes in `Parameters` tab)
* Pants (with 1 morph to fix sompe possible poke-through -if any- ,, find it under Actor/Shapes in `Parameters` tab)
* Gloves left & right (you can delete any of them & use just one if you like)
* Shoes left & right (you can delete any of them & use just one if you like), The shoe lace is rigged with bones, & posable.
* 11 presets to Apply/Remove shapes for the outfit pieces (Jacket lapels opened, Jacket Fully Opened, Jacket Default, Gloves Default/Opened, Shoes Default/Opened)
* Weapons Belt (with 4 morphs to fix sompe possible poke-through -if any- ,, find them under Actor/Shapes in `Parameters` tab)
`The Loops` of weapons covers are rigged with bones, & posable. Use them to make it look like your character opens the bag/cover to insert/take-out her weapon.
* Machine Gun (with 2 morphs fully Animated to Transform to a Pistol, & Trigger it while shooting -see the promos- )
* Sword (with 2 morphs fully Animated to Transform to a Dagger, or to a small sting-blade)
* 2 presets to turn On/Off the Torch of the Machine Gun
* 2 Magazines (Machine Gun magazine & Pistol magazine)
* 47 texture maps (Diffuse, Metalicity, Roughness, Normal, Displacement, Opacity) 2048×2048 px, 4096×4096 px
* Metadata for `Smart Content` included


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