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Block Type Toolkit! Modern dimensional type and 3d shapes that make it easy to create dynamic and visually stunning compositions. Easily drag and drop 3d type into your files. Integrate it as part of or even as the heroof your compositions. Customize the appearance and color of the type by using Photoshop adjustment layers. Additionally, utilize the patterns and 3d shapes to quickly take your designs even further!
Pack includes:
  • solid-type-library.psd // This psd includes all of the solid type. There are 5 letter sets, each at a unique angle.
  • pattern-type-library.psd // This psd includes all of the patterned type. There are 5 letter sets, each at a unique angle and with a unique pattern. The patterns consist of horizontal stripes, polka dots, zig zags, waves, and triangles.
  • shape-library.psd // This psd includes 40 different 3d shapes.
  • patterns.psd // This psd includes the 5 flat vector patterns.
  • cover.psd // This psd includes the layered files used to create the promo images above.
All 3D elements are rendered at a 3500px by 3500px resolution. They have been converted to smart objects in the psds and scaled down. You can scale any of them to 3500px by 3500px without losing resolution.
Each psd is clearly labeled and grouped making it easy to sort through and find what you are looking for. Additionally, you can easily navigate the psds using layer comps. These psds were created using Adobe Photoshop CC.






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