CM - Dead Copier | Photocopy Texture Pack 1292931
This pack contains 26 high quality textures uniquely sourced from a dead copy machine.
We went to great lengths to produce this pack of textures. In fact, we broke the laws ofnature…
While snooping around our local newspaper’s offices (with permission, of course) we came across an old copy machine, clearly forgotten about and tucked away in the corner of a dark room. By all appearances, this thing was done for. Toast. Game over. DEAD. So what did we do? We dusted it off, plugged it in, pressed print, and brought this monstrosity back to life! The paper jammed with each try and we had to manually pull each and every copy out of the printer by hand, being careful not to smudge the still hot toner. The result of our efforts is this 100% unique pack of photocopy textures.
  • Each texture is 3060px wide by 3960px tall at 300dpi.
  • Here’s what you get:
  • TOTAL of 26 unique textures at 300dpi
  • 26 PNG files
  • 26 PNG files (inverted)
  • 26 JPG files
  • 26 JPG files (inverted)
  • 1 PDF “cheat sheet” for quick visual reference



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