CM - Makeup Script Fonts 1430194
CM - Makeup Script Fonts 1430194
4 TTF | 1.3 MB RAR presents ?Makeup Script?. Expressive hand-made typography to design sentences with high textured impact; has 4 creative tools. Our priorities are continually updated and we prefer to use the elevator since taking the stairs is a very long process. If you see a long text, you close it and look for something shorter. For quick calligraphy you need to consume hours and hours of learning, discomfort and effort. Think of calligraphic words or phrases to write about a photo no matter how expressive it may be. Try to write quickly with signature style for logos, labels or packaging for clothes, suitcases, shops, malls, department stores, etc.
• Makeup Script (238 glyphs): It is a script with vibrant fleeting strokes that form capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and character sets and extended punctuation for Central, Eastern and Western Europe.
• Makeup Alternates (238 glyphs): Offers new script possibilities, different from uppercase, lowercase, numbers that work at the beginning or end of words, in a way that your design will look more real and calligraphic.
• Makeup Swashes (238 glyphs): These are tiny script letters that reinforce the idea of fast binding between handwritten letters that will fill your design or concepts with power and expressiveness through multiple textured contours.
• Makeup Extras (80 glyphs): Here you’ll find over 70 exciting, hand-crafted decorations that are ideal for underlining your ideas written in Makeup.


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