CM - Pink Peonies-Clipart Set 1518921
CM - Pink Peonies-Clipart Set 1518921
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Like Vintage Botanicals, all items are recognizable by species and stylishly authentic, and (for storytelling…) you may find different angles & stages of development, as they arepainted after life. All come with transparent background, are cleaned by hand to give you great technical quality .
Bright and colorful, shabby chic, glossy, vintage, spectacular, stylish, romantic, unique… well, Peonies and what’s more Pink Peonies, are all that and more. Beauties with lots of personality and possible applications.
Outside of the well shaped flowers in top view, profile and other perspectives, the set contains the whole range of stages of development from bud to glorious blooming flower, and then faded flower dropping petals & stamens, down to the clown-like seed making stage. Beautiful or storytelling, vintage inspired designs, or whimsical twists.






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