CM - Rose Gold & Onyx - Design Collection 2511459
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Rose Gold & Onyx – a timeless combination of one of the most elegant and versatile combinations. Edgy, modern and beautiful, perfect for pretty much every thing that has to do sleek, pretentious & modern designs. This collection features beautiful natural stone backgrounds, infused with rose gold or natural. They make a gorgeous base for anything that you want to add on top. My suggestion includes geometric shapes & precious mounted stone designs with a tad of glitter speckle. This collection will get you:
  • The dressed up Alphabet letters A to Z in black accents & ivory accents ( perfect for both dark & light backgrounds ) , PSD files are also included
  • The simple Alphabet stripped of their most opulent embellishments, so that you can add your own.
  • 27 backgrounds & patterns in rose gold and natural stone
  • 17 elegant drops as you see in the presentations
  • 5 geometric shapes in rose gold
  • 30 mounted stone elements
  • 6 premade card designs
  • 8 ribbon designs
  • 6 rose gold glitter speckles.


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