CM - Rustic Gold SVG Brush Script 2662978
PSD 8 OTF | 662 MB
Introducing Rustic Gold! An expressive Opentype SVG brush script font full of personality and stunning textures. Designed to be versatile, Rustic Gold, can take center stage or be used to beautifully complement your favorite sans and serif fonts. Ideal for a variety of design projects from branding to packaging, from apparel to stationery, and everything in between.
Rustic Gold SVG Font: If you’re looking to create handwritten type designs that ooze authenticity and character, Rustic Gold in the SVG format should do the trick! It features high-quality, dry brush pen textures throughout with zero extra work required.
  • Rustic Gold Alt SVG Font: An entirely alternate glyph range (uppercase and lowercase) designed to complement the original font design and to improve the overall handwritten appearance.
  • Rustic Gold OTF Font: The vector alternative to its SVG sibling. The texture of SVG fonts are great, but not always suitable for the project and unfortunately not widely supported (yet!). So this is the next best thing!
  • Rustic Gold Alt OTF Font: Same as the above, just with an alternate glyph range.
  • 15 High-Resolution Gold Textures: While experimenting with this font, I paired some gold textures I had laying around and the end result is what inspired the name; Rustic Gold. I couldn’t launch this wonderful family without a bunch of gold textures for you to play around with!
  • High Res PSD File: If you are unable to use the SVG format, or require the letters in a higher resolution, then this PSD file is for you. It includes all of the letters, numerals, and punctuation marks in an organised PSD document.


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