CM - Tropical Watercolor illustrations 2379405
PNG Ai | 3.4 GB
Straight from the jungle! These ambrosial tropical leaves make any design project come alive. Add a bit of flourish to books, websites, greeting cards and posters. You don’t have to live in equatorial climes to enjoy the lush foliage. These intricately drawn leaves add a verdant accent to restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. You can almost smell the warmth of the tropics.
These hand-drawn illustrations pack a punch. I use only the highest quality watercolors for vibrant hues and rich saturation, and premium paper for a pleasing watercolor texture. It’s charming art, not digital embellishment. Offering unique illustrations from the artist’s hand, vectorized and optimized for your digital and print products.
  • 65 – Leaves
  • 26 – Flowers
  • 8 – Seamless patterns
  • 18 – Pre-designed compositions
  • 35 – Textures and backgrounds
  • 4 – Trees
  • 12 – Wooden objects


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