– Pattern Drafting & Garment Creation With Daz 3D And Marvelous Designer – Creating A Cyberpunk Bomber Jacket

– Detail Sculpting With Zbrush + Adding Accessories

– Realistic Texturing With Substance Painter

– Composition, Lighting & Presentation With Cinema 4D and Octane Render


– Daz 3D

-Marvelous Designer 8 (If you have MD 7.5 that is fine, you just need access to Marvelous Designers UV Editor to complete the course unless you know how to organize UV’s outside of MD. I would highly recommend at least having MD 7.5 to complete this course )

– Zbrush 2019

– Substance Painter 2019

– Cinema 4D R19

– Octane Render 4 (Or any render engine equivalent to setup studio lighting)


– 9 Hour Fully Narrated Tutorial

– Female Template Garment + Cyberpunk Bomber Jacket Zprj Project File For Marvelous Designer (Completed Garments Ready To Use With Your 3D Characters)

– OBJ And Collada Files For Daz GEN 3 Female Character

– Studio Light Setup For Clothing – Cinema 4D Project File (All Lighting Already Setup, Just Import Your Character And Clothing, Apply Your Materials And Start Rendering Using My Studio Light Setup)

– Resources ( Eyelet IMM Brush (Contains 25 Eyelet OBJ Designs) – Tileable Puckering Brush For Zbrush – Tileable Seam Line Brush For Zbrush – Studs IMM Brush (Contains 20 Stud OBJ Designs) – Tileable Fabric Interwoven, Geosphere And Memory Folds Normal + Displacement Map (4K Resolution) – ┬áTileable Zip Brush For Zbrush

– This workflow is not ideal for game ready clean topology. My main focus is to bring a garment to a complete and high quality finish to be used for still images. This is considered 3D Concept Art.



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