Dangerous canyon in Vue

A red-hot basic environment for your personal projects. 

It’s very suitable for so much natural scenes as desert-like, western, and also for Sci-Fi scenes.

An additional feature is that of being able to switch between river and path (as you can see by the pictures).

Attention: you need release 7 of Vue or higher and versions xStream, Infinite, Complete, Exprit.

This scene is available only in vue format and it’s not suitable for being migrated to other programs (due to the particle system used for ecosystems).

Notes: The scene include 1 terrain-object created with Acropora (by Voxelogic) and texurized in Vue.

The terrain was populated with 6 eco-systems, all adjusted for this kind of terrain.

To make fully functional this scene, you have to own the followin vegetation plants:

– “Joshua Tree”

– “Cactus”

– “Dry Bush”

– “Dry Weeds”

For the Vue Infinite/xStream users, they are already in bundle.    

Keep in mind: at the moment the e-on warehouse is not available, so you will not be able to find the missing plants.

Packlist: 1 Vue scene, 1 alpha-masks.

The file zipped is a multi-volume of 2 parts, you have to download all of them to open correctly the file.


P A S S W O R D:   canyon6345y456yrhDFXrthfyME

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