Draconic Essence for Genesis 3 Female

Compatible Figures: Genesis 3 Female
Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Fantasy outfit, born from the dragon’s bones and spirit; for Genesis 3 female. Includes 10 Iray/3Delight Materials.

The outfit was tested in DAZ Studio and it is compatible with the following FMB:
Izabella 7, Mika 7, Arabella 7, Bethany 7 (Fixing morph must be applied), Eva 7, Gia 7, Kalea 7, Lilith 7, Mei Lin 7, Olympia 7, Sunny 7, Teen Josie 7, Teen Josie 7 Slim, Tween Julie (Fixing morph must be applied), Victoria 7 (Fixing morph must be applied), Aiko 7, Girl 7,
Body Size, Tone, Bodybuilder, Pear Figure, Voluptuous, Heavy, etc.

PBM support:
Breast: Cleavage, Diameter, Gone, Implants, Natural, Size, etc.; except “Breast Shapes”
Glutes: Size, crease, width, etc.

7 base colors + 3 extra shaders (base black).
2 silver shades (dark and light) for the body and the chest ornament.
2 gold shades (dark and light) for the body and the chest ornament.

Custom morphs included:
Draconic Body:
Bethany 7 – FIX.dsf
Breasts Heavy – FIX.dsf
Expand-Breasts – Lower Arc.dsf
Tween Julie – FIX.dsf
Victoria 7 – FIX.dsf
Voluptuous – FIX.dsf

Draconic Panties:
BetweenLegs-COVER MORE.dsf

Draconic Shoulders:
Bethany 7 – FIX.dsf
Victoria 7 – FIX.dsf

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