DZ G8M JumpSuitZ3 – OverAllZ

Software:   DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Base Figures:  Genesis 8 Male


A overall & shirt set for Genesis 8 Male

The set includes
1 x Overall wearable
1 x Full Drop Overall wearable
1 x Drop Left Overall wearable
1 x Drop Right Overall wearable
1 x Inner Shirt wearable

The full drop version fo the wet suit is meant to be used with only standing poses. Distortion will occur with not standing poses and poses with wide legs opening,

Mix N Match options:
3 different color material included for each clothing piece with bib with text, bib with out text & pant torn texture options
3 pant length option for the overall
4 sleeve length option for the inner shirt

All overall wearables come with drop morphs
No drop, drop left and drop right comes genfit bulge morphs which adds a bit more fun in your rendering.
All clothing pieces also come with adjustment morphs which can be adjusted to fit most of the major G8M characters.


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