Software: Daz Studio 4.8 ONLY, Daz Studio 4.9 ONLY

Base Figures: Genesis 3 Female, Victoria 7

Departments: 3D Figure Assets, Characters


With age comes wisdom and Edna is full of sage advice for everyone. Plus she is a beauty that is like a fine wine.

Edna is created for Genesis 3 Female and V7. Inluded are lots of options for the make-ups and also two different face textures: one for the mature Edna and one with an older face and relative make-ups.

She comes with two different MAT sets, one normal and one for Iray.

DAZ files:

– Apply Edna
– Remove Edna
– MAT Edna
– MAT Edna Iray
– 5 MAT Eyes Iray
– 5 MAT Eyes
– 1 MAT Face Natural
– 1 MAT Face Natural Iray
– 6 MAT Face Make-ups
– 6 MAT Face Make-ups Iray
– 1 MAT Face Older Natural
– 1 MAT Face Older Natural Iray
– 4 MAT Face Older Make-ups
– 4 MAT Face Older Make-ups Iray
– 1 MAT Lips Natural
– 1 MAT Lips Natural Iray
– 4 MAT Lips Make-ups
– 4 MAT Lips Make-ups Iray
– 1 MAT Nails Natural
– 1 MAT Nails Natural Iray
– 5 MAT Nail Colors
– 5 MAT Nail Colors Iray

This item works only in DAZ and there are DUF files in it.

In order to work you will have to own Daz 4.8 and higher versions, Genesis 3 Female, V7.

This character is unique and totally custom morphed.

To achieve this result that many of you love, you must know that it was created distinctly for Artists who like realism in their renders.

This means that separated morphs for the head and or body could cause issues for the particular shape of this character.

It is created realistically with his own individual shape and it may not work with any other character you wish to mix or match these morphs with.

The eyes are made to resemble real eyes. The specific design of them only works with this character, you CANNOT change the eye colors with those of other characters.



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