EJ Lorcan Deluxe Pack For Genesis 8 Male: Character, Outfit, and Poses

Required Products: Genesis 8 Male Body Morphs
Compatible Figures: Genesis 8 Male
Compatible Software: Daz to Blender Bridge, Daz to C4D Bridge, Daz to 3ds Max Bridge, Daz to Unreal Bridge, Daz to Unity Bridge, Daz Studio 4.15, dForce Cloth, Daz to Maya Bridge


EJ Lorcan Deluxe Pack includes a character, outfit (loincloth, vambraces, and flail), and poses.

EJ LORCAN – EJ Lorcan is a mightily muscled barbarian of smoldering volcanic blue eyes. With him, you get a custom morphed warrior character that is unique, and whose shape has been modeled to reflect the nature of a man who lives for action and adventure, perfect for your many fantasy renders, and who can also be a strong and appealing character for any casual or whatever genre or situation. A must-have for Genesis 8 Male!

He has a custom morph for his head, and also extra body shape and detail morphs for his body, that can be turned on and off, and apply extra body mass and muscle and bone definition. With them, you get a strong body of an ancient warrior.

Lorcan also has materials for 10 eye colors, 4 skin tones to make his skin pale, tanned, reddish, or tan and reddish. He also has body wounds, that you can apply in his arm, leg, or torso, all together or independently. Lorcan also includes anatomical elements options for skin tones and others.

OUTFIT – With this product, you also get a barbarian outfit: vambraces, loincloth, and a deadly flail. The loincloth is prepared for dforce, and a tutorial to learn to use dforce is also included.

The Loincloth has morphs for making it longer, shorter, wider or narrower, and like all the outfit pieces, 8 different material presets to change its appearance.

The Flail has morphed to make the grip more or less thick, longer or shorter, size the ball so you make it smaller like historical ones, or massive like fantasy flails. You can also make the ball and chain bigger or just the ball. It also has easy pose controls to make it move and twist in all directions. With them, you just dial the pose controls and the flail will pose. If you want, you can also select each one of the chain links or the ball, and pose them, as they are all rigged and adjusted. The Flail also includes the matching materials for the clothing, and 2 presets to set the ball with or without blood.

The outfit works with all the Genesis 8 Body Morphs, as all of them have been included when needed, which means full freedom to use any of those morphs in your renders, and supports the shapes of Darius 8, Floyd 8, Michael 8 and Olly 8. Other body morphs supported by Auto-follow.

POSES – We include 10 full poses to pose the character, the outfit and the flail at once, so you can start making fantastic renders right now, with just a few clicks. A hand pose is also included as well as a full reset pose, so you can also build your own poses for EJ Lorcan.

What’s Included and Features

  • This Bundle Includes:
    • EJ Lorcan Deluxe Pack For Genesis 8 Male: Character, Outfit, and Poses (.DUF)
      • EJ Lorcan Outfit
        • Full Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)
        • Loincloth for Genesis 8 Male(s)
        • Vambraces for Genesis 8 Male(s)
        • Flail for Genesis 8 Male(s)
        • All Applicable Genesis 8 Male Body Morphs Included
        • Zero Morphs Icon included
        • Icon to load Introduction To dForce Tutorial
      • 10 Poses for Genesis 8 Male (.DUF)
        • 10 Hierarchical Pose Presets for all the outfit
        • 1 Full Body Reset Pose
        • 1 Right Hand Pose for the Flail
      • EJ Lorcan for Genesis 8 Male
        • 1 Character Preset to Load the Full Character (Head+Body+Materials)
        • 1 Custom Sculpted Head Morph Apply/Remove
        • 1 Body Morph Apply/Remove
        • 1 Body Extra Morph Features Apply/Remove
        • 1 Full Character Head+Body Morphs Apply/Remove
        • 1 Male Nipples Apply/Remove
        • Skin Tone Options
          • Skin Tone 00 Default
          • Skin Tone 01 Reddish
          • Skin Tone 02 Tan
          • Skin Tone 03 Reddish Tan
        • Male Genitalia Options
          • Add Male Genitalia (morph and materials)
          • Apply foreskin
          • Remove foreskin
          • Skin Tone 00 Default
          • Skin Tone 01 Reddish
          • Skin Tone 02 Tan
          • Skin Tone 03 Reddish Tan
        • Wounds Options:
          • Remove All
          • All Body
          • Leg
          • Right Arm
          • Torso
        • 10 Eye Options:
          • Volcanic Blue
          • Deep Gray
          • Blue-Brown
          • Gray-Brown
          • Dark Brown
          • Light Brown
          • Olive
          • Deep Green
          • Light Green
          • Silver Gray
      • Supported Genesis 8 Male Shapes:
        • Darius 8
        • Floyd 8
        • Michael 8
        • Ollie 8
      • Custom Morphs of the Loincloth:
        • Back Narrower
        • Belly Adjust
        • Bottom Buttocks
        • Crotch Back
        • Crotch Down
        • Crotch Front
        • Crotch Wider
        • Front Narrower
        • Glutes Size
        • Hip Front
        • Hip Size
        • L Hip Adjust
        • L Hip Back
        • Longer
        • Lower Back
        • Middle Buttocks
        • Move Back
        • Move Front
        • Pelvis Front
        • R Hip Adjust
        • R Hip Back
        • Shorter
        • Top Buttocks
      • Custom Morphs of the Vambraces:
        • Forearms Adjust
        • Upper Arms Adjust
        • Wrists Adjust
      • Custom Morphs of the Flail:
        • Adjust X
        • Adjust Y
        • Adjust Z
        • Coil
        • Darius 8 Fit
        • Floyd 8 Fit
        • Front-Back All
        • Grip Thickness
        • Historical
        • Massive Ball
        • Michael 8 Fit
        • Ollie Fit
        • Short Grip
        • Side-Side All
        • Size
        • Spring
        • Twist All
        • Twist Back
        • Twist Front
      • 8 Materials for the Full Outfit:
        • Black
        • Blue
        • Brown
        • Dark Brown
        • Gray
        • Green
        • Red
        • Walnut
      • 8 Materials for the Loincloth:
        • Black
        • Blue
        • Brown
        • Dark Brown
        • Gray
        • Green
        • Red
        • Walnut
      • 8 Materials for the Vambraces:
        • Black
        • Blue
        • Brown
        • Dark Brown
        • Gray
        • Green
        • Red
        • Walnut
      • 10 Materials for the Flail:
        • Bloody Ball
        • Clean Ball
        • Black
        • Blue
        • Brown
        • Dark Brown
        • Gray
        • Green
        • Red
        • Walnut
    • Textures Include:
      • 103 Texture, Bump, Normal, Transparency, Displacement, and Specular Maps (1000 x 1000 up to 4096 x 4096)
    • DAZ Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
    • DAZ Studio 3Delight Material Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer


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