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Environment Blend Shader

Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.15


Iray Shader

PBR Roughness/Metalness Workflow

2 Layer Blend with Full Texture Map Support

– Albedo Map

– Roughness Map

– Metallicity Map

– Normal Map

– Opacity Map

– Emissive Map

– Displacement Map

Independent UV control for every layer.  

– Tiling

– Translation/Offset

– Rotation

2 Mask Blending for maximum flexibility.  

– Mask 1 allows you to specify areas of localized detailed such as the cracks or exposed surfaces you want to blend to.  

– Mask 2 allows you to specify a larger pattern with independent UV controls.  

– The combination of both masks gives you a unique fully controlled blend

Additional Discoloration Layer

– Allows you to add directional grime without having to bake it into your texture.

– Use the discoloration to further break up any repetition in your textures and add detail such as dripping water, paint or grunge.  

– Separate UV control allows you to adjust the discoloration independent of your textures.  

Shader Usage

– When creating your own scenes, use these shaders to create unique variation without creating multiple versions of a texture.

– Tile small textures across large scenes by blending textures together to avoid repetition.  

– Change the look of products you own by adding additional layers without affecting the original textures.

– Mix textures from multiple products together non-destructively.

Detailed User Guide

– Detailed descriptions and guidelines for how to use the shader and the pbr workflow. 

3 shaders are included.

– 2 Layer Blend Shader + Discoloration   

– 1 Layer Blend Shader + Discoloration – For when you only need 1 set of textures but want to add some discoloration.  

– Simplified Shader – Simple PBR shader without extra features for when you just need 1 set of textures.


Texture examples shown are only intended to demonstrate the capabilities of the shader and are not included in this product.  

Please note the following technical limitations before purchasing this product.  

– Displacement can only be used on the bottom layer and does not respect the blend mask. This means that while it looks great for situations like moss on brick where you don’t mind seeing the brick, you should turn off displacement in situations where you have a noisy and a flat surface because the noisy displacement will apply to both layers.

– UV adjustments and additional layers are only visible in the IRAY render. Due to technical constraints, only the bottom layer base color with default UVs is visible in the viewport.  

– High luminance values can cause the emissive to bleed through the other layers.  



What’s Included and Features

  • Environment Blend Shader: (.DUF)
    • 02 Layer Blend Shader + Discoloration
    • 01 Layer Blend Shader + Discoloration
    • Simplified Shader
  • User Guide (.PDFs)
  • Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
  • Additional Products used in Promo Images:
    • Heart Of The East
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