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Graveyard and Nature Set

This pack contains huge amount of modular PBR sculpted cemetery, interior, props and enviroment landscape assets that are high-quality sculpted and photoscanned models with LODs. Textures atlases are 2048×2048 up to 4096×4096. Pack contains 762 assets. Big models like buildings, trees, statues, rocks also contain billboard as last LOD. Pack also contains tesseled landscape material with LODs. Pack is perfect to create cemetery, monastery interior or natural enviroment, materials have few variants and supports vertex paint. Carefully prepered bushes, roots trees and dead trees will be perfect to fill your scene as foliage.

Technical Details

Huge amount of modular assets
85 optimized materials (many of them use vertex paint and detail maps)
235 textures
197 models x 4 LODs
20 ground textures
225 blueprints (models connected in sets)


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