HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition for Substance Designer

HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition is a procedural feather texture generator for Substance Designer. It generates PBR (Physical Based Rendering) textures for game engines/renderers as well as outputs which may be used in 2D works/illustration.

Main Features

Generation of procedural PBR (Physical Based Rendering) feather textures of variable shape, density, color and many other configurable aspects.
Extensive shaping controls at the feather, barb and shaft levels.
Curve support enabling to vary parameter values along the length of the feather or the barb (up to 19 parameters per vane may be driven by curves).
Simulation of the afterfeather section (thin hair/barbula at the bottom of the feather) with curve-driven break-up within barb components.
Handling of break-up sections inside the vane’s barb using curves.
Outputs the following PBR maps: Mask, Alpha, Depth (Height), Color, Flow (Direction), Normal, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion up to 8K in resolution.
Outputs Grayscale and Color Art maps suitable for 2D/illustration purpose, each of them supporting multiple display modes.
Per-vane properties so each vane may have a different shape/color etc. Some properties are also common to both vanes.
The overall 2D curvature of the feather can be designed in the 2D view using control points.
Multiple colorization modes, including per barb component and vane overlays.
Configurable shaft thickness, height and coloring.
Vane and feather 3D aspect configurable with depth profiles.
Tiling tools to assemble feathers into single large textures.
2D and 3D renders inside Substance Designer.


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