Software: Daz Studio 4.9 ONLY

File Types: (not specified)


An old house boat or swamp boat that has seen better times, it is put together with bits and pieces of old wood and other detritus. Maybe from the turn of the last century..1920-30’s or it could be still wandering the swamps today. In addition to the boat itself, this product comes with a selection of props to fill out the scene such as a dock, old Esso gas pump, lights, barrels, a table, stool, an old decayed boat hull and even a hammock. The interior of the boat includes a cabin area on the main deck and a crawlspace below decks. Some of the panels on the main deck can be rotated to open or close and the grate hatch is also moveable, as is the rudder.

This product contains a full scene which includes the boat and all available props set in position in both Iray and 3Delight. The boat itself is also provided as separate sets in both materials for the artist who wishes to use the boat separate from the included props. Whether you want the boat tied up to the dock or floating through a swamp this model will give the artist many options.



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