Nixiebelle for Nyx dforce Annabelle

Software:   Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Base Figures:  Genesis 8 Female

Required Products:   NyX dForce Annabelle Dress


Nixiebelle is composed of 4 truly unique, finely fashioned looks for NyX dForce Annabelle Dress.
The exceptional looks included in Nixiebelle were designed with individuality and rare attention to detail, made possible by 20 years of fashion, fantasy and environment texturing experience.
Nixiebelle for the NyX dForce Annabelle Dress includes 12 Iray material settings to apply the looks – from all the outfit’s elements with just a click of a custom thumbnail to each individual piece separately – as well as special thumbnails and tip files for ease of use, all supported by 56 high resolution texture images, composed of diffusion, bump, specularity, displacement, metallicity, normal, transparency and reflective images.


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