Learn the essential tools used for 90% of all photography projects. The fastest photoshop training for Photographers!

This course is for you if…

You’ve struggled getting good results in Photoshop.
You have spent a lot of time trying to understand Photoshop basics and don’t get consistent results.
You spend time doing a lot of trial and error and want to create amazing art with little effort.

Imagine you could…

Master layers and selections in Photoshop without getting lost.
Take any idea all the way to an amazing work of art.
Create a stunning body of work without the headache of endless trial and error.

What You’ll Learn

Are you a photographer who wants to learn Photoshop? Do you want to unchain your creative mind? Take the imagination genie out of the bottle?

Then this course if for you! In less than 7 hours I will teach you the 20% of Photoshop that you will use for 90% of all your projects.

From landscapes to portraits, product photographs to fantasy composites, this is jam-packed training from start to finish.



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