Compatible Figures: Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male
Compatible Software: Daz to Unity Bridge, Daz Studio 4.14, Daz to Blender Bridge, Daz to Maya Bridge, Daz to 3ds Max Bridge, Daz to C4D Bridge, Daz to Unreal Bridge


Who dares venture through the barren and radioactive wastelands without the Post Apocalyptic Truck?

This truck and trailer is packed with everything your miscreants, good guys or new age raiders need: munitions boxes, fuel tanks, grenades and all sorts of custom-made modifications for the unfortunate turn of events.

You also get 20 Poses For Genesis 8 (10 for Genesis 8 Male & 10 For Genesis 8 Female), rigging and high adaptability so the Post Apocalyptic Truck is ready for all sorts of gritty scenes with more than 20 controlled Poses (including open door, open hood, suspensions, open box, lift ladder, machine gun, and more).

Get the Post Apocalyptic Truck and roll across the ruined terrain to a new dawn for your renders…

What’s Included and Features

  • This Bundle Includes:
    • Post Apocalyptic Truck (.duf)
      • Post Apocalyptic Truck
      • Post Apocalyptic Truck Trailer
      • Post Apocalyptic Truck Scene
        • 12 Poses Controls For Truck
        • 9 Poses Controls For Trailer
    • Props
      • Post Apocalyptic Truck Ax
      • Post Apocalyptic Truck Barrel X2
      • Post Apocalyptic Truck Fuel Tank
      • Post Apocalyptic Truck Grenade
      • Post Apocalyptic Truck Maltress
      • Post Apocalyptic Truck Munitions Box
      • Post Apocalyptic Truck Wood Box X3
    • Poses
      • 10 Poses For Genesis 8 Female
      • 10 Poses For Genesis 8 male
    • Textures Included:
      • 85 Textures, Metallic, Diffuse, Roughness, Height, Normal, Emissive, Opacity (4096 X 4096)
    • Daz Studio Material Presets for Iray (.DUF)
    • Daz Studio Material Presets for 3Delight (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer



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