The Bundle of six cars – UE4 Project Low-poly 3D model

A starter kit of six high-quality cars fully tuned and ready for use. Each car has individual settings for the engine, transmission, wheels according to their specifications. Also in this package you will get a bonus location Harbor.

In this starter kit, you’ll get everything you saw in the demo, it’s that whole project. Playable Demo:

Vehicles features:

  • High quality exterior;
  • Very high quality interior;
  • PBR materials;
  • Fine tuned PhysX vehicle for race and drifting;
  • Accurate engine torque model;
  • Skidmarks and smoke;
  • Functional stop lights, turn lights, rear lights;
  • Engine sound;
  • Simple UI (RPM, Velocity, Gear);
  • Mobile Controls (tilt, virtual joystick);
  • Functional interior gauges, all arrows rigged;


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