Trees Variety

 Support Unity Wind;● 11 types of trees, 7 types of plants;● Unity Tree Creator Trees (editable);● Works with built-in pipelines;● Support terrain billboards.

Trees:● 6 birch;● 4 maple;● 8 oak;● 3 pine;● 5 spruce;● 4 crimean pine;● 3 cherry plum based trees;● 3 cypress;● 3 linden based trees;● 3 sakura trees;● 2 Stankevich pine based trees. 

Bonus 1 (plants):● 3 rose bushes;● 1 beet plant;● 1 cacao based tree;● 2 cotton based plants;● 2 grape plants;● 1 potato based plant;● 1 wheat plant.

Bonus 2:● all source tree textures (leaf, bark);● leaves particle effects;● 8192×4096 clear sky skybox;● simple dynamic clouds system (particle based);● 5 simple bushes;● 8 simple grass textures;● 6 ground textures;● Demo scenes atmospheric audio samples.

Please Note: All trees and plants made with ‘Unity Tree Creator’ and full editable.

Tree textures (1024×1024, some 2K):● diffuse;● gloss;● normal;● translucency.


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