Unreal Engine – Gothic Mega Pack by Meshingun Studio

Showcase Video (4K)

Technical Details

2 Pre-Assembled Maps (Showcase)

  • 1 Summer Overgrown map
  • 1 Winter map (Vertex paintable Snow)

1 Overview Map

  • Modular assets
  • Blueprints with instructions

Free Playable Demo build

3 Master-Materials

  • More than 105 Instances
  • High Quality / Light Performance Variations

310 Unique and Modular Assets

  • Props such as Statues, Graves, Ornaments and etc.
  • Modular Architecture Pieces such as Walls, Windows, Banisters, Gates, Scaffolds and etc.
  • Foliage such as Trees, Ground Covers, Grass and etc.
  • 4 Pre-Assembled Mesh Blueprints

350 High Quality Textures

  • Tillable and Trim sheets
  • Unique textures
  • Decal textures

3 Spline based Blueprints

  • Highly customizable Railing tool with different Banisters, Newels and Props
  • Highly customizable Wall tool
  • Sidewalk and Pavement Tool

World Collection Parameter (Wind Speed, Snow Amount, etc…)

Game Ready and Optimized Assets

  • Precise hand-adjusted LODs up to 3-5 levels
  • Light Performance Materials

Texture Sizes: 2048- 1024- 512

Level of quality: high-end production


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