Unreal Engine Marketplace – UE4 Dynamic Grass System 4.25

This system allows to easily add dynamic behavior to any grass mesh. Use it with UE foliage tool or spawn it dynamically in game. Shockwaves, deforming, burning + fire propagation, cutting, growing, removing, ground blending and more effects included by default.

Technical Details

The system is made 100% in Blueprints.

Latest update (4.22+):

  • Improved in-game smooth wind strength & wind direction change effect
  • Improved demo effects
  • Changed eye adaptation in demo scenes to match new 4.22 standard
  • Fixed grass stretch when using very strong wind parameters
  • Fixed 4.22 bug: Grass LOD deform on HISM component when removing instances

Intended Platforms: All

Platforms Tested: Windows

Documentation Included: Yes (starter guide + 2 demo levels with mechanic examples)


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