Unreal Engine – Village Houses Pack

Village Houses Pack includes essential meshes of sub-urban living & environment, thoroughly crafted and optimized to offer the best quality with more than satisfying performance. If your intention is to create a sub-urban environment with dream houses then this must be your go-to pack. Along with 15 prefab blueprint houses that are ready-to-deploy as soon as you open the project, the pack includes plenty of props for unique facade decorations.

Technical Details


  • 15 Prefab Blueprint Houses
  • 15 House Static Meshes (Only walls and roofs are included.)
  • 235 Unique meshes
  • Proxy LOD Meshes for Houses. (LOD3)
  • Procedural Materials for Walls and Roofs. (You can change the color of walls and blend with dirt.)

Number of Unique Meshes: 239

Collision: (Yes, automatically generated)

Vertex Count: Min: 24 [SM_Base_3] , Max : 36.000 [SM_House_2 (Without windows & Interior Props)] ,

Houses Average Vertex Count: 18.600 (Without Windows & Interior Props)

LODs: (Yes – 3 LODs)

Number of Materials: 23

Number of Material Instances: 43

Number of Textures: 164

Texture Resolutions: [2048×2048], [4096×4096]

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)


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