Software:   DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

File Types:   (not specified)

Base Figures:  Genesis 8 Female


System Requirements:
PC/MAC, Daz Studio 4.9.4 with iray

Product requirements:
Genesis 8 Female for Vika’s Face
Genesis 8 Female body morphs for Vika’s Body Shape:

Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs

Vika – Beautiful Female Character for Genesis 8

Included In This Package:

01 Vika Real face morph
01 Vika Toon face morph
01 Vika Real body morph and shape
01 Vika Toon body shape
01 Vika Eyes Shape morph
01 Vika Teeth Cartoon morph
03 Vika Breast morphs
02 Vika Nipples morphs
01 Vika Nude hip special morph
05 Vika Spandex hip special morphs
01 Vika Sitting morph
01 Vika Full material pose iray
01 Vika Skin Default option iray
01 Vika Skin Pale option iray
01 Vika Skin Tan option iray
16 Vika Eye materials – iray
03 Vika Eye lashes parameters – iray
16 Vika Lips materials – iray
02 Vika Lips glossy options – iray
22 Vika Make Up materials – iray
01 Vika Pubik hair material – iray

List of included morphs:

EyePupilsSize, Eyes shape, Teeth Cartoon, V-Sitt, Vika Body, Vika Breast,
Vika Breast 3, Vika Head, Vika Head Toon, Vika Hip Nude, Vika Breast 2,
Vika Hip Spandex Adj1, Vika Hip Spandex Adj2, Vika Hip Spandex Details,
Vika Hip Spandex Fine, Vika Nipples, Vika Nipples Adj, Vika Hip Spandex



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