Here is the advanced animal pack you have been waiting for, it’s a pack that contains different wild animals and few domestic animals. each animal is carefully texture and it kept at a low poly. if you are thinking of a scene with verity of animals well this pack got you covered, cause it has popular animals that can suit your scene best, it’s not rig but it pose in a form you can rig easily, if your planning on creating a jungle scene of making a game that involves animal, this is the pack for you. it’s can be downloaded in four different format, this format are FBX, 3DS, OBJ, AND STL format, there are all in popular format which will not be an issue to anyone. all formats are compressed into a rar folder inside this rar folder is contain the image texture, normal maps and spec map. it’s a midpoly modeling that can be use for any production and it game ready so don’t stress your self. why do you go about creating animal when you can get all you want in one pack, don’t hesitate get this now and solve your scene issue.

Names of animals in the pack

Lion, horse, zebra, tiger, monkey, bear, goat, dog, camel, wolf, buffalo, cat, rhino, elephant, raccoon, deer without horn, deer with horn, hyna




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